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There's nothing here to run from
'Cos yeah, everybody here's got somebody to lean on
24th-Jul-2006 11:59 pm - late night
Surgery was cancelled today because of orange juice. Fuck orange juice. I'm never drinking it again.

I miss you guys.

P.S. to Jessica- My cell is on hiatus. This is why I haven't called you in long time. Once it's back up I will ring you immediately. .... Or maybe I'll just steal Joel's when he's not looking.
25th-Apr-2006 03:39 pm - A Birthday Poem Promised

A little birdie told me
From high up in a tree
That making true Birthday wishes
Was his specialty

He said that I could buy
A service in short supply
For a peanut butter sandwich
with anchovies stacked high

I said "I admit, good wish Crane
That combo is quite mundane
But if it's fish and nuts you wish
It's yours, though it's quite insane"

And on and on I looked
on each seaman's fish hook
Found bass and carp and octopus
and one pissed off fry-cook.

Until finally I knew
This, I did not have to do
A Birthday wish is a thing of gold
It doesn't have to come true.

So I told that bird
"Bird, you are absurd!"
Take your fish and peanut butter
This is the final word!"

"And what of this Miss Jess?
She will be quite distressed
When she finds out, young lady Loo
of which you now confess."

"You are wrong, you fool,
with tricks SO cruel!
Someday, I pray, for this you'll pay
in the Hell that awaits you

She loves me and I love her
Ask both, we will concur.
No matter distance, time, or strain
We'll be as we always were."

And with that I turned on heal
With a smile so ideal
Because, my love it's you and me
This love of ours is real.

We may wish for many things
For an aeroplane or golden wings
But of all the wishes, Miss Jessica
I've none...you are my everything

I hope you had a very magical Birthday!!!

We all miss you SO much! I ment to leave you a message at 12:01 this morning, but...I was dead to the world!

Have a peice of cake just for us and blow out an extra candle!!!


***typically, I write a poem, or some sappy paragraph letting you know how much I love you. I promise I will...but my creativity needle is hovering over the 0, so I'll owe you!
10th-Apr-2006 09:35 pm - yep, feeling shitty
On the edge of the rainbow
Where eagles learn to fly
All of our dreams, they seemed so clear
Into the morning
Into the light of dawn
We're flying higher than before

And when I see the light
that's shining from your eyes
Even brighter than before
We're riding the wind
to reach the golden dawn
We have done it all before

Here I stand
Call on you again
But my heart is filled with fear
Like an eternal flame
Our love will remain
As we sail the lake of tears

Sometimes I wonder
You're so close but you're so far
Seems life will never be the same
Sigh for the morning
To find the light of day
Dream of fortune fades away

Here I stand
Call on you again
But my heart is filled with fear
Like an eternal flame
Our love will remain
As we sail the lake of tears

Here I stand
Call on you again
But my heart is filled with fear
Like an eternal flame
Our love will remain
As we sail the lake...
Here I stand
Call on you again
But my heart is filled with fear
All the tears that I've cried
For the love of my life
As I sailed the lake of tears
Like an eternal flame
Our love will remain
As we sail the lake of tears
Happy Birthday Dearest J-9!!!

I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!
I owe you an ice-cream or desert of your choice on our next Eatin' Park run.
18th-Mar-2006 07:37 am(no subject)
Sorry Ladies i have been VERY busy.

I will be sending out personal letters to you all sometime during my days off this week. PROMISE !

I hope you all are doing well.

17th-Feb-2006 11:17 am(no subject)
Mm. So my nose is pierced, on the right. A picture of it can be found on my myspace, which i believe is www.myspace.com/psychedelicmayo

anyway, the needle went like, inside my nose under the skin so he had to pierce it again. now my nose is very very dry because of the cleaning stuff they gave me. i love it though, it just feels weird having a spirally metal booger.
7th-Feb-2006 05:46 pm(no subject)
Okay guys. I am going to get my nose pierced.

Well that is not so much a statement as a question? What do you think? I'm afraid of asking any one else, I asked Matt and Matt's sister and they are all for it, but, other people I asked said it would look bad. WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Here, I was bored and photoshopped the possible look:
2nd-Feb-2006 04:33 pm - when there's a will there's a way

Jess is doing awesomely. This is extremely good to hear. I'm so happy for her! And I know the rest of us back home are too. This is really great, you know? We all have such dreams in our minds and hearts when we're in grade school, but when that's gone, everything looks so daunting and impossible. Thanks for taking the first colosal step Jess. You've inspired us.

Mike's been telling me about some of his high school dreams lately... and I've been reading about them too. Some of them feature prominently in the book he's writing, which has finally crossed it's halfway point. He's forcing me to study med. transcription in the diner now. It's a pain in the ass, but if I get this done and get working, and he gets the county job he's just applied for, we might actually be able to get the apartment we'd like to get here in West Chester next year.

I met his best friend yesterday, who seemed to be a really great guy. Surprisingly enough, he's one of the most tolerant people I've ever met, and I can see why Mike and him have been able to stay friends as long as they have. He told me some wicked things about Tammy (Mike's ill intended) that Mike never mentioned.
I'm supposed to be meeting Zack (that's his son) sometime soon, though I don't actually know when. Mike's nervous about me meeting him for a lot of reasons that I can't really go into, mostly because I don't understand them myself. Issa and Chris both seem to understand it, but I guess I'm just too young and naive, or maybe too rational when thinking about a more banal emotional matter... I don't know. I'm trying not to push the isse.

When I was talking to Mike's best friend yesterday, he described Tammy in a way I'd never heard Mike talk about her, and suddenly things made a lot more sense. Mike admitted it later in conversation that Tammy was pretty much the epitome of the "white trash" stereotype. I guess at first I wanted to look down on him for that, and then recalled my own experiances with the "emo kid" stereotype and pretty much bit my tongue. Although I could not surpress my amusement when the bf reiterated his explanation as to why Mike ended up dating the epitome of white trash, which can be summed up in a great quote from our very own John Travolta...

"dress like Halloween, and ghouls will try to get into your pants."

I've been telling you guys this stuff, but what I really want to say is far more banal and foolish. I love you guys, and that's why I wanted to talk about this here. Even if you don't reply or don't read... this little hovel of cyberspace offers support to all of us when we need it. And right now I need it.

He cut me off the other day. He blamed me for everything that he thinks has been wrong with him for the last five years and then he cut me out of his life. I can't even read about it anymore. I still don't understand. I did exactly what he asked of me. I left him alone, I kept my feelings to myself and I DID NOT fuck up his relationship with Melissa.

I'm not asking you guys what to do. I already know what to do. I've needed to let go of this for a long time.

I just wanted to talk about it.

Jess- keep us posted on your ass kicking :)
Shannon- don't give up on him... I know you won't but I'm just saying it to say it. Keep with the books... I'll try and do the same here.
J9- Wherever you are. I hope you're happy. Keep that brilliant smile on your face.

Thanks guys.
I'm out.

1st-Jan-2006 10:53 pm(no subject)
Happy New Year Ladies!

New Years Eve, I was scheduled to work- Awesome way to end 2005. Working at wal mart with a company called REPS selling video games as taught me so much. Yes, there real live hicks in this world. People, can be sooo spoiled and rude. I WILL NEVER WORK AT WAL MART On a positive side; it’s changed my life. It was around noon on a Thursday shift when I met a young girl whose name I don’t even know. She had sad brown eyes, a hand knitted hat and a dirty old coat. She’d final talked her mom into buying her a game boy advance for Christmas this year. I showed the girl how to use the system, what games she’d need and how to take care of it. The mother was really worried about buying an 80-dollar system for her daughter.

I heard her Daughter ‘ Now, this is all you going to get for Christmas. Promise, you will take care of it’ Then, came the problem – The system costs 79.92 and the games cost 29.30. The mom could only afford to buy one. The little girl told her mom that she had saved 19 dollars herself for doing housework for her gram after school. The mother looking distressed got on her cell phone and called the girls Dad. I could hear her yelling at him telling him that it is about time he got something nice for his daughter better yet, anything at all! I took the little girl over to the on sale games in hopes of finding on and getting her away from her screaming mother. The girl and I had a nice conversation – she lived with her mom in an apartment in State College. She only had a TV and a computer at her Dad’s house and she saw him on Mondays and Tuesdays. The little girl had been saving her money all year for the game and couldn’t wait to get it home. Finally, we found a easy cheap game and returned to the mother who was still on the phone. The mother had started yelling now in French – the little girl grabbed her jacket and kept telling her not to worry about the game she would buy it with her own money. “ Its ok mommy, its ok, I will save my own money’ the mother walked out of the department leaving the little girl with the cart and the game in her hand.

“ Mommy? Mommy? What about the cart mommy?” the girl was barely able the turn it around it was so much bigger then her. It wasn’t long after that I started to realize a lot of things. All those game systems my brother owns or has had in his lifetime.

All my life, I have been given so much – I’ve been blessed with two loving parents who raised me right. Its about time, I was grateful for everything that has been given to me. I searched my purse for money but, I had none. However, at home I did have a game boy color – I just found it and was playing it at the coffee shop the other day. I asked Chris to watch the cases for me and I ran threw the North Athmern Wal mart trying to find the little girl and her mother. I was crying and kept murmuring under my breath – I wanted to find them – I wanted to give the girl a good Christmas - I wanted to change the stars for someone. I asked god for help in finding them – please, let me do this for this little girl. I finally gave up on the third round and started back to the game cases. When Chris came running down the women’s cloths section. “ Jessica, their back by the cases , I was going to call you over the loud speaker but, then I saw you” The mother was still on the phone and looking really upset while the girl was still stirring the cart. I pulled the little girl aside – I asked her if she had been good this year. Then, I asked her IF it was ok with her mom I’d like to send her my old game boy. It wasn’t long before the mother joined us and I asked her if it was ok for me to send her daughter my old game boy color. I told her I only have one game for it and I know its not the game the little girl wanted but, it would be a start till she could save her own money up to get it. As long as she promised me she would help her grammy and her mommy, do her homework and take care of the game boy color she could have it. The women first asked how much - and I told her nothing. She burst out into tears and fell to her knees crying.

She told her daughter that Santa Clause isn’t some big guy up north , no no .. he is this wonderful young lady who has been send by god to give you a nice Christmas. The girl hugged me and the mother kissed both my cheeks .. still sobbing. She told me , she would by me anything in the store she had 10 bucks and would buy me anything. I told her I just wanted to give a little out of what I’ve been given. She said she would pray for me everyday and that I would be blessed for what I’ve done.

I told her with a glowy feeling that I’ve already been blessed in more ways then I could count. I thanked her inspite of her thanking me. I owed her more then some game system , I owed her for opening my eyes to how wonderful a life I’ve been given.

I told my family the story and every time I cried, I told Kevin and Bruce then ended it there. Bruce helped me package it , My parents bought more games for it and it was sent out a week ago with a letter.

I wanted to tell the world how amazing a Christmas gift I was given by some stranger. Then again , I don’t want to brag or ruin the magic. So , I share it here with my ladies in hopes that it could bring some sparkle to your holiday sprit and hope for the new year.

Its 10:50 pm on the first day of the New Year , I am waiting for Kevin to stop by and I’ve just finished the first chapter in the book Shannon got me ( I love it !!!!!) this week I am going to transfer the beach tapes to DVDs. When are you all going back to campus?

All my love and joy!

Miss. Jessica Reitz


Could I have your addresses! You all will be getting letters , post cards , random gifts from Disney World!!!
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